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At Kids Inc. we empower the youth of today through alternative teaching and learning, in a cooperative learning environment where they can feel free to be themselves and not forced by the expectations and weight of societal pressure.


At Kids Inc. Education Center, we envision a world where children thrive in a nurturing small group environment that cultivates authentic social and emotional skills. We see a future where young minds are empowered to navigate life's challenges with resilience and compassion. Our vision is to be a guiding light, inspiring future generations to become confident, empathetic, and capable individuals.


The mission of Kids Inc. Education Center is to provide a dynamic and enriching educational experience for children who flourish in small group settings. We are dedicated to upholding high standards of learning and fostering authentic social and emotional development. Through interactive and personalised approaches, we aim to equip young learners with essential skills that will serve as a foundation for their lifelong success.

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